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The eBay AV deployment team worked around the clock to make sure Main Street was a success. To then receive the Corporate Project of the Year was a real morale boaster. It shows hard work does pay off and it was amazing to be recognized for it and win the award. On top of that the event is always a great place to meet up with your peers, network and share stories. The CIO was very proud of what the team achieved and congratulated us on the award”

Matt Anders, Head of Global media Services, eBay

Winning an AV Award is the icing on the cake of delivering a great project.  It’s recognition by our peers of the hard work across the whole team, and when you are shortlisted for an Award, it adds a frission of excitement to what is always a fantastic event.  There is so much talent in this industry, an industry that has changed beyond recognition in the last 20 years.  From a Reflex perspective it makes winning this Award even more significant than ever. 

 Yag Depala,  Head of Education Sales, Reflex
A new customer has contacted us based solely on the fact that we won the AV Award for Integrator of year. It’s a brilliant opportunity for 62 Cisco AV rooms to be installed next year and we will be meeting with them in the next month or two. The contract, if we win it, will be £1 million or more. If ever there was validation of the awards; that was the call. 

Daryl Clarke, Managing Director, Diversified
  For our projects to be recognised at the largest awards ceremony in the industry, which receives interest from across Europe and the rest of the world impresses upon us a big accomplishment.  It has certainly brought a lot of interest and curiosity in what we do and how we do it better. Immediately after the awards, we have received a significant increase in interest- both for business and general introductions.

Kevin Murphy, vice president of strategic planning, Kraftwerk Living Technologies


As a first time judge of the AV Awards I was not sure what to expect, I have been on the entry side for many years but never involved in the judging process. I was delighted to find a robust, independent and detailed judging process. The portal for the review of the documents beforehand and the ability to think about the responses was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the lively debate during on judging day. It was super to see the process from all ends and to see the winners celebrating with their awards. The effort the team go to pull of this spectacular event is no mean feat! The winners can be sure that their awards are hard fought and well deserved.

 Christian Bozeat, Director, macom

  I’ve been an AV judge for 15 years and in that time the judging process has evolved enormously.  I spend considerable time looking through each entrant, reading submissions, checking websites, and looking at company videos so, on judging day, I’m well versed with each of the companies in the categories I’m judging. In my judging group we had five judges from very diverse industries and with wide ranging experiences and knowledge.  There is vigorous debate on each category but we have no idea who the winners are until the night of the awards. This really is an incredibly fair and complete process.

Colin Messenger, Senior Consultant, Futuresource

The judging process involves experts from across industry sectors, working in carefully selected groups with each group led by a non-voting chairperson. Judges sign NDAs and declare any association or involvement with the entries. A week in advance of the judging day the entries are assessed online by the judges, who enter their initial scores. On judging day they discuss their scores and work together to agree a consensus. Debates are always detailed and respectful and sometimes heated. Judges then amend their scores based on the discussion, with the total score deciding the winner. Judges can also nominate an additional entry for a special mention. Judges are looking for a detailed explanation as to why your entry is ground-breaking and they love to see passion and enthusiasm. Entries are judged on merit as this is the only information available to the judges. Some submitted material is not substantial enough to give the judges the level of insight required. Major manufacturers take note: just getting your marketing people to send a page of sales material, a badly filmed YouTube clip and a tech spec is not a substantial entry!

Ben Pain, CTS, Manager – Audio-visual, technical and media services, Royal College of Physicians


As the premier event in the AV calendar, the AV Awards has always represented a celebration of the AV community. We made the decision to sponsor this year’s awards to help raise the profile of the brand and we were delighted with the results. Our account team listened to what we wanted to achieve and matched our requirements perfectly. Sponsorship gave our brand greater visibility with the good and the great of the AV world and is a must for any company wanting to grow within the industry.

Natalie Harris-Briggs, VP of Marketing, Avocor
 SENNHEISER continues to be a proud global sponsor of the AV Awards.  The ability to represent ourselves to a truly international crowd of AV industry leaders is both exciting and valuable.  SENNHEISER is committed to building lasting relationships with its customers and the AV Awards and the AV Magazine events provide the perfect forums to support this.

Nick Pemberton, Head of Global Business Development, SENNHEISER

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