Once you have selected the category from our "Enter Now" page you will be asked to register as an entrant to the AV website. This is quick and easy- all you need to do is enter your name, email address and a password to gain access to your personal portal.  Once you have registered, you can log back into website using your details at any time.


Following registration, you will be invited to complete the entry process whereby you must complete a 1000 word statement supporting your entry. All statements should refer back to the listed criteria which can be found in each category. 


Entries will next be taken to our esteemed judges who will decide our worthy winners. Click here to find out more on the judging process.


Reseller of the Year

Systems Integrator of the Year

Distributor of the Year

Manufacturer of the Year



Each shortlisted entrant will nominate a person/team to present a 5-10 minute summary of their entry. If the entrant is abroad we have the facility for a conference call. They will need to introduce themselves briefly and begin their summary, followed by questions from the judges.


We’re not marking on the style of their presentations but on the quality of the information being provided. We’re after facts.