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It feels great to win any award. But winning an AV Award is extremely important as it’s the main awards event for the industry so it means we are doing something right. Your peers have voted for you and we can take some quiet pride in knowing we are going in the right direction. Plus, the winning product has sold extremely well since September 2016!
Andrew P. Smith, national sales manager, Kramer Electronics, AV accessory of the year 2016
Recognition by an AV Award is the finest recognition for any audiovisual company, and always a highlight of any career for anyone having the opportunity to stand on the podium. To be recognised by the whole AV industry in one of the biggest AV events globally, is an experience that keeps giving long after the actual gala completes. 
Kevin Murphy, vice president of strategic planning, Kraftwerk Living Technologies, Entertainment venue of the year 2016
 For our projects to be recognised at the largest awards ceremony in the industry, which receives interest from across Europe and the rest of the world impresses upon us a big accomplishment.  It has certainly brought a lot of interest and curiosity in what we do and how we do it better. Immediately after the awards, we have received a significant increase in interest- both for business and general introductions.
Abhirup Chakraborty, marketing executive, Snelling Business Systems, Education project of the year 2016
Stouenborg was lucky enough to win an AV award last year and has been using this actively in our marketing of the company both on presentations for clients and in adds. At the same time we can see that it makes our customer feel more secure that they are teaming up with a company that has the skills and ability to win an AV award for groundbreaking projects two years in a row. We also use this as the core identity for employees of the company so they know that they are part of the winning team.
Anders Jørgensen, project chief, Stouenborg, Public services project of the year 2016
A new customer has contacted us based solely on the fact that we won the AV Award for Integrator of year. It’s a brilliant opportunity for 62 Cisco AV rooms to be installed next year and we will be meeting with them in the next month or two. The contract, if we win it, will be £1 million or more. If ever there was validation of the awards; that was the call.
Daryl Clarke, managing director, Digitavia, Reseller/integrator of the year 2015
The QEII Centre is extremely proud of its growing collection of glitzy accolades including the iconic ‘AV Service Team of the Year’ title from the 2015 awards. As well as providing a huge pat on the back, which had an exceptional impact on morale and energised the team, it offers international credibility and an all-important industry benchmark. They also help us attract and retain the best talent to sustain our industry leading position. We are certainly hoping to secure future titles.
Anna Glover, director of operations and customer experience, QEII Centre, AV service team of the year 2015
The AV Awards are The Awards for the UK AV industry. It’s the one that everyone wants to win and it’s always a lively evening. I’m lucky enough to work in a great industry with some wonderful people, many of whom I’m honoured to be able to call friends as well as industry colleagues. I was truly humbled and honoured to win AV Professional of the Year in 2015 in my 25th year in the professional AV industry. I would encourage everyone to enter the awards, be it for an individual award, a project, a product or a technology. Without the entries, the AV Awards simply wouldn’t be what it is today and gaining professional recognition for the industry would be even harder. And that would make the industry a poorer place.
Andrew Smith, national sales manager, Kramer, AV professional of the year 2015
Christie Boxer winning an AV Award gave real recognition for our market-leading product research and development team. We not only appreciated the industry recognition but it was just reward for the dedicated engineering skill shown by the team and it was celebrated internally across the company
Cindy Symons, media and content marketing manager, EMEA, Christie, projector of the year 2015
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