AV Awards 2017 :: Judging Process

The Judging Process

When will the entries be judged?

Once again judging will take place at Barclays Head Office in June 2017, as soon as all entries have been processed and the judges have read the each of the submissions.

Who will judge the entries?

The judging panels will consist of senior representatives from user companies and key industry players. The judges will have the knowledge and experience to assess each entry according to its objectives, available budget and market background. The judges will ensure that success goes to achievement and goals of effectiveness rather than big budgets. Any judge who has been involved with a project is not allowed to lobby the other judges, or vote for that project. An average based on all the other judges’ marks will be awarded to the project concerned. The judges will have the right to move entries between categories if they feel they have been entered into the wrong category.

What the judges will look for?

Overall, the judges will be looking for entries that meet the following criteria, as appropriate to the entry categories:

  • Demonstrable commitment to, and pursuit of, the future development of AV communications

  • Achievements that benefit AV sector clients and users as well as the entrant

  • Proof of market development initiatives

  • Proof of company performance in terms of market share, turnover or margin increases

  • Proof of benefit to clients

  • Evidence of technical innovation and creative solutions to communication problems.

How will the entries be judged?

The judges will individually study all the submissions received, looking for examples of excellence that counted towards the overall success of an activity. They will then vote for those that will form the short-list of finalists, scoring them each out of 100.


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